What I Did Today

I answered the question, “How do you describe God?”

Once I was finished, I erased all ideas, images, and descriptions of humankind in my answer. God’s face, hand, breath–all taken out. I eliminated all pronouns associated with God. Leave out all natural comparisons. If God is mentioned as a tree, ocean, cosmos, or deer, I scratched through that too. Any mentions of space to compare to the depth, mystery, and vastness of God. I removed all words that were or similar to all-encompassing, omnipotent, and everlasting. Lastly, I scratched through words that were or similar to divine, pure, infinite, and holy.

What did I have left?

Outside of some loose verbs, I had: Indescribable. Spirit. Yet, even those do not begin to touch the surface of who God is.

I welcome you to describe God less in order to know God more. Often, it is our perception of how God should be that we miss out on who God is. Be okay with no descriptions. Be okay with being speechless when it comes to God. Be okay with resting in that gratitude that you cannot describe I AM WHO I AM.

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