The Daniel Fast

Last year I participated in The Daniel Fast. It was the first time I ever desired to push my spiritual boundaries. The fast lasted for 21 days, and it was one of the most powerful experiences I have had. I received so many revelations about my current walk with God. Mental and spiritual blocks were removed. God was clear, and His love made my cup overflow with goodness.

This year I wanted to have a game plan, so I could be focused on God as much as possible. Below are a few tips I have to keep myself focused on God and not on temptation.

1. Pray beforehand. Ask God what type of food sacrifice you’ll be taking. I’ve known I was fasting since December. As the days progressed, I got more passionate about the fast and began asking God for His guidance. He revealed to me what my sacrifice would be. Ultimately, your sacrifice is between you and The Lord. You’ll know it’s a sacrifice by how The Holy Spirit impresses you. This means you don’t need to justify it to anyone or worry about it. If God told you to make this sacrifice, then He will provide you with the strength to succeed.

2. Prepare your meals as far in advance as possible. The last thing you need to be focused on is what is going into your mouth. Prepare it. Pray over it. Store it. Move on.

3. Get an objective. Why are you fasting? What do you need clarity in? What would you like to be stronger in? You have 21 days to dig into a facet of your life that needs clarity, healing, or attention. This requires some self-awareness as well as some prayer time. Once you know what to focus on, you’ll know the kinds of seeds you’ll be sowing for your situation during this time.

4. Plan out prayer times. Make time for God. Have a set time or times that are solely dedicated to prayer. Don’t focus on fleshly, soulish matters. Dig in deep. This isn’t just a time for you to know God, but this is a time for God to know you. Open up to Him. Cast your life upon Him. Allow Him to flood every part of who you are during these times. Last year, this happened for me in the middle of my fast, maybe around day 12 or 13. Once I allowed Him to fill me up, I found myself praying without ceasing. When I truly began seeking God, I couldn’t go a moment without thinking about Him, praising Him, or seeking His heart.

5. Know His Word. It’s nice to have words of encouragement to meditate on while fasting. I have index cards with a verse or two around my room. These cards are what I read before I go into my prayer closet or when I leave my room. I even have a board on the refrigerator. Welcome His Word in all your spaces. Some people plan out Scripture to read for all 21 days. I even think the Bible app has a devotional for The Daniel Fast. I think that’s wonderful. If planning out your Scripture works for you, then go with that, but be flexible enough to be led by the Spirit. Dig into the Scripture as much as you can. This is the time to seek knowledge and wisdom from God.

6. Keep a heart of gratitude. Jesus Christ laid down His life to reconcile us with God. He is the ultimate sacrifice. This is a sacrifice for us to be dependent on God and to seek His will over our lives. This 21 days will be powerful and intimate. It’s life-changing and having a heart that is grateful, regardless of your hangry stomach, will allow you to push into the promises of God. Seek God’s Word for your life and believe that whatever He says will come to pass. His Word never returns void.

As my Pastor taught me, this world parallels the spiritual one. Remember that during this time you will be sensitive to spiritual shifts. You could be more vulnerable as well, especially if this is your first fast. So make sure the only voice you’re seeking and hearing is God’s. Read His Word. Speak to Him. Praise Him. Worship Him. Be discerning of others speaking on His behalf. This time is for you to know your King for yourself.

Father God,

I lift up my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to you Lord who are about to embark on a journey to know You more. Father, may they find peace, joy, and strength that come directly from Your heart. Lord, may you impress upon them the power that they have in Christ. Father, during this time please remind them that You are always with them. You are around them. You are for them, and no weapon formed against them will prevail. Lord you are working through them to build up Your Kingdom, and You have an extraordinary plan for their lives. Father, may they put down themselves and exalt who You are. I thank You Lord God that we are in a moment of sacrifice for our King. All glory and honor belong to You and You alone forever and always.

In Jesus name I pray, amen.

**Always consult your doctor before you undergo any dietary changes.**