What I Did Today

I answered the question, “How do you describe God?”

Once I was finished, I erased all ideas, images, and descriptions of humankind in my answer. God’s face, hand, breath–all taken out. I eliminated all pronouns associated with God. Leave out all natural comparisons. If God is mentioned as a tree, ocean, cosmos, or deer, I scratched through that too. Any mentions of space to compare to the depth, mystery, and vastness of God. I removed all words that were or similar to all-encompassing, omnipotent, and everlasting. Lastly, I scratched through words that were or similar to divine, pure, infinite, and holy.

What did I have left?

Outside of some loose verbs, I had: Indescribable. Spirit. Yet, even those do not begin to touch the surface of who God is.

I welcome you to describe God less in order to know God more. Often, it is our perception of how God should be that we miss out on who God is. Be okay with no descriptions. Be okay with being speechless when it comes to God. Be okay with resting in that gratitude that you cannot describe I AM WHO I AM.

Typewriter Confessions: Claim Yourself

Begin again. This time with feeling.

I let everything and everyone into my backyard. They brought with them chainsaws, sledgehammers, and their opinions. I thought if I was able to please everyone, that surely something great would happen. It didn’t. I pleased no one. No one won. Although no human being won the title to my life as The Ultimate Influence, I still greatly feel as if some unknown entity succeeded in throwing me off balance. I tried–because of my childhood to be–excuses are everywhere. I have a choice here. Become the woman with a pen or chase the woman I thought I should be.

I love God. Before I knew God, I loved her. It was when I began to know God through other people and institutions that I thought my knowing wasn’t enough. My knowing has carried me here. Here is a place that is uncertain yet good. Uncertainty at this point gives birth to exploration. I’m trying on pieces of myself in hopes that something sticks. However, I know explorations to true self-hood are always divine journeys. Always. Rarely do these journeys make sense or are clear, but they are divine and sacred nonetheless.

Where am I going now that so many things are done? Unfortunately, nowhere. Right now, I am cleaning up all the brush and debris, removing clumps of my hacked up trees, and chasing away any stragglers. Someday, there will be room for flowers, but you can’t put flowers in rotten soil. They won’t flourish, and them, like you, will question why you wanted to grow anything in the first place.

So, what does this mean for Elohim&Esh? It means that I include everything that is currently in my soil, in an effort to purify my life, my spirit, and my relationships.

In an effort to be transparent, here’s five things about me:

  1. My name is Aisha. I believe in embodiment, especially when it comes to names. I am life. My name means beautiful. I believe that too.
  2. I believe that life is a cosmic dance. It will never make sense because we, as humans, don’t get the privilege of knowing every little detail of each others lives.
  3. I am a womanist, with no retractions to the original four part definition written by Alice Walker.
  4. I hate going to church, but I love taking communion.
  5. About a year ago I asked God to make me a tree. Since then, trees have become vastly more intricate. I don’t know how yet, but I definitely do find myself becoming more tree-like: Resilient.